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 If driving from Barcelona:

Follow the C-17 until you reach Ripoll.Take the C-26 towards Sant Joan de les Abadesses and a couple of kilometres before the entrance of the town, turn right into a path (there is a signpost that says: Els Arenys), go past the Freixa Factory (Taga) and continue for approximately 100 metres. Turn left towards the river direction and follow the path for 500 metres.

If driving from Girona:

From Girona proceed towards Olot and take the C-26 until you reach Sant Joan de les Abadesses. Go past the town and continue for approximately 2 kilometres and then turn left into a path which is signposted Els Arenys. Go past the Freixa Factory and after 100 metres turn left towards the river direction.

Always follow the Els Arenys signposts.



 Latitude 42.228868

Longitude 2.274038


  • S.Joan Abadesses  2 Km
  • Ripoll  10 Km
  • Camprodon  14 Km
  • Núria  23 Km
  • VallTer 2000  31 Km
  • Molina  60 Km
  • Olot  25 Km
  • Besalú  40 Km
  • Figueres  66 Km
  • Girona  73 Km
  • Barcelona  115 Km



Mas Els Arenys
Apartat correus 79
17860 Sant Joan de les Abadesses

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